A collection of 300 physical & digitized NFTs

Creating a piece of art every single day sure is a challenge. Well, that's precisely what the Danish painter and artist - Peter Skovgaard did. He's been dabbling with small post-card-sized art pieces for ages, and it's become a part of his daily routine - in between working on his larger-than-life canvases and sculptures.

Like a blank canvas waiting for inspiration, Peter embarked on this project with no particular motive in mind. He just wanted to create something beautiful, and boy did he succeed! Every time he completed a piece, he couldn't resist the urge to start afresh and create another. Before he knew it, he had 300 mind-blowing art pieces!

The best part is that without even realizing it, Peter had created the perfect NFT collection! A whole collection of 300 exclusive, unique pieces would make any art collector flourish with desire.

So, what's next? Well, Peter's planning on starting his own online atelier, where the lucky 300 NFT holders will get exclusive perks and benefits in the future.

We can't wait to see what else Peter has up his sleeve. Who knows, maybe he'll even create an NFT collection of his larger-than-life canvases and sculptures.


Smooth and angular flow and colors that exude insight and surplus. Creating beautiful and durable abstract paintings is not easy. Many have tried, but few have made it work as well as Peter Skovgaard. He has found his character with a unique flow and incredible sense of colors.

We can think of Skovgaard as the third generation of Danish artists who have developed a tradition where Asger Jorn, who once released the soft, organic abstraction and accepted the style as a true art form, so Jorn simply created a new path in art. Since then, the genre has fostered great stars, and another Danish global star is Per Kirkeby.

Skovgaard has performed large tasks in Denmark and abroad, often in collaboration with respected architectural firms such as Schmidt Hammer Lassen and Arkitema. One of the last major publicly available tasks is the 500 m2 luminous painting for the HL Tower Aarhus.

"I work on the principle that the board is clean. The spontaneous takes over in the form of chance. I struggle not to be determined by anything at the start of a painting. It is, of course, an illusion, but nonetheless a goal and therefore a tool that I strive for. The struggle to carry out the pure instinctive and unspoiled is an almost neurotic driving force that always stands with the catastrophe as the executioner just around the corner. For the paintings to succeed, these prerequisites must be in place." Peter Skovgaard

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