About ARTblown

- Bringing Art into the Future

The digital age has presented the art world with both challenges and opportunities. At ARTblown, we embrace the latest and most revolutionary possibilities for distributing and selling art through blockchain development in web3.

We sell and distribute unique digital, digitized, and physical art through NFTs on our platform at artblown.io. Additionally, on Tourbus, artists and musicians offer their followers and fans the opportunity to purchase NFTs and become members of exclusive clubs. Members gain access to behind-the-scenes experiences, concert tickets, and more.

Together with artists, we have created the ARTblown Club. We offer a collection of 10,000 NFT memberships, each featuring a unique artwork, providing access to the club, influence, and communication between artists, galleries, museums, collectors, and members-only benefits.

  • Poul Malthe Mikkelsen



    2010-2013: Production worker, Systime publishing house

    2013-2015: Student assistant, economics, Systime publishing house

    2015-2018: Project manager, Systime

    2018- CEO, Filo 

    2022- ARTblown

    Education: Aarhus University - Cand. Merc. Innovation Management

  • Victor Nyland Poulsen



    2016- Founder and CEO of FreaQWhenSees

    2018- Founder and CEO of SUMO ENTERTAINMENT

    2019-2020: Founder and CEO of ViVideo

    2020-2022: Creative producer and Director of photography Campfire & Co

    2022- ARTblown

    Founder and board member of various companies mm. Doughboys, Urban Culture, Le Krib.

    Education: Bachelor in Songwriting & Music Management at The Royal Academy of Music in Jutland, Innovative Music Management, Music Publishing.

  • Poul Henrik Mikkelsen



    1976-1980: Teacher at Herning Trade School and author of various educational materials

    1980: Co-founder of Systime publishing house

    1980-2019: CEO/Publisher of Systime

    Co-founder and chairman for 2 years of EEPG - European Educational Publishers Group

    2 years chairman of Kunstnernes Hus, Aarhus

    3 years member of the Faculty Council of Humanities, Aarhus University

    2019- Chairman of the board of FILO

    2022- Chairman of the board of ARTblown

    Education: Degree in economics from Aarhus Business School.

  • Peter Rønnow

    Board member

    Lawyer and partner at DLA Piper Denmark (Aarhus, Denmark)

    Specializes in Business Law, Real Estate and Sports, Culture & Entertainment

    Board Chairman of Godsbanen

    Board Chairman of Kirsten Olsen and Gunnar Jakobsens Family Fund

    Board member of VoxHall and SPOT Festival

    Board member of Ejendomsfonden AIS and Oaradisets Engle A/S

    Board member of The Jutland Academy of Fine Arts, Music City Aarhus and Aarhus Film Workshop

    Chairman of DBU's Political Follow-up Group (Law Group)

    Member of the Advisory Boards for Aarhus Festuge and Musikhus Aarhus

    Has assisted artists, agents, and bookers, as well as organizers, venues, and festivals over the last 15 years, and has been heavily engaged in negotiations regarding compensation arrangements in 2020 and 2021.

  • Preben Mejer


    IT expert and digital futurist

    Known from media and numerous TV appearances

    Works with the latest possibilities and challenges in digital development

    Preben's focus today includes AI - artificial intelligence, blockchain, internet of things

    Preben works as a sparring partner for management, board member or as an investor

    Among the companies Preben has worked with are:

    GN Store Nord, Gyldendal, Telia, Systematic, Topas Travel, JK Office, Qampo, CAC Fund / Au2Parts

    Preben started the first and largest supplier of PCs in Denmark, DanaData, and the first commercial provider of internet, TDC Internet.

    Additionally, Preben is co-founder and initiator of Alexandra Institute at Aarhus University, IT City Katrineberg and Innovation Lab

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