ARTblown X Jan Jensen: FOR UKRAINE

MSF Support 2023


Artist Jan Jensen and ARTblown have come together to support the victims of the Ukraine war. The collaboration has resulted in a powerful painting that captures the haunting reality of the conflict. Jensen's creation, titled "UKRAINE ONE YEAR AFTER”, depicts the invasion and brutal suppression of Ukraine's civilian population and fighting spirit. The painting portrays Ukraine's population as a colorful, individual community united in their struggle against the anonymous, military-clad soldiers.



This artwork is a handmade painting that measures 69x80cm and comes with a beautiful custom-made wooden frame. The painting will be converted into 500 digitized NFTs, each sold for 0.02 ETH, with all proceeds going directly towards supporting the victims of the war in Ukraine.

Once all 500 NFTs are sold, a lucky winner will be randomly selected from among the NFT owners to receive the original physical painting.


To demonstrate your support, you have the option to buy one of the charity NFTs from our store. All the proceeds from these purchases will be donated to the charity organization MSF, ensuring that the funds directly benefit the victims of the war.


“What is evident in the vibrant paintings of Jan Jensen is its poetic intensity and expression of regimented figural impulses which are abstracted to a certain degree. The artist creates his pictorial fields with confidence and a calm nuanced control of form. This regimentation allows the eye to explore an enormous amount of information demarcated by an extraordinary attention to detail and suggested fabric of space. Jan Jensen's multilayered images are visually a joy to behold, yet hardly neutral. They allow an entry into the mind of the artist and the soul of each scene. The genius-loci of his works becomes manifest in a way that is unforgettable. By this I mean to say that a viewer is struck with the emotional intensity and directness of the artist's vision which records psychic impulses while allowing each space and place to touch us with its own atmospheric intensity”

– John Austin is an art writer living and working in manhattan

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